Brexit and the UK Talent Shortage

Originally published in Governance and Compliance magazine, The UK has a skills gap. Maybe you’ve read about it, or maybe you’ve experienced it yourself. In the past year, a majority of organizations report having difficulties finding the right candidate. Perhaps you’re in the fortunate position of being a well-qualified, capable and rounded individual and […]

Yes, Your Small Business Needs a BI Solution

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it,” said Peter Drucker, one of the most influential management thinkers of the 20th century. And he’s absolutely correct: you don’t know what you don’t know. I might even take that statement one step further. Without a fast, flexible system to handle your data, you can’t measure […]

The Wonder Years in Munich – February 8, 2019

I don’t get to a lot of concerts anymore, and living in Germany means a lot of my favorite bands don’t get out this way very often. So seeing The Wonder Years in Munich was a real treat. The Wonder Years (from Pennsylvania, USA) has probably been my favorite band since I got into them […]

Dear 2019, please be a one-upper

Did you ever have that one friend, or maybe he was more of an acquaintance or just somebody in your circle who always had to tell his better story? “Oh, you scored a goal at soccer last night? Well last week I scored ten AND went home with the other goalie’s girl”“You just got into the […]

How to actually use podcasts (and other media) to fuel your dreams

If starting a side hustle and becoming an entrepreneur — or I guess now that I’m a father, a dadpreneur — were baseball, I would be at spring training. But not quite to the good part where you can catch some good action in the sunshine states. No, I’m more at the very beginning of my rookie season, like […]

Accept Mortality, Take Action

“Well, just start,” I tell myself for the ten thousandth time this year. Fruitless. My attempts to climb this great mountain of starting something on the side falter again. My ambition collapses again as I sit in my basement, alone, mindlessly thumbing through irrelevant answers on Quora. The past half a year has been laden […]

Defending time

It’s been nearly two months since I last wrote something (on Medium or anywhere really). I just checked, and April 15th was the last time I wrote a story, and towards the end of April was the last time I left a comment. My fault, my bad. I let life get in my way and […]

The Quest for Time: six ways we improved our household efficiency

There’s never any extra time. As parents of young children, it seems like we’re always on a quest for more time. We’re booked full from 6:00 AM when the kids wake up until 7:45 PM when they’re finally in bed and asleep. Thus, I have approximately 10.25 hours to sleep, get ready for bed, and […]

We won’t always have this time together

The mrs. has to remind me sometimes, and she does. When she sees me getting frustrated, when I start to complain about our lack of time. She knows that I’ve forgotten again. But she’s nice about it usually, doesn’t list my flaws or things I should do differently. She doesn’t preach that if I drank […]