A finance professional turned B2B email copywriter. My days are filled with spreadsheets and presentations, collaborating with project managers in corporate finance at a global automotive supplier. My time in the corporate world provides a reminder each day about the importance of implementing efficient tools, and beginning with the end in mind.

Evenings and weekends are mostly dedicated to my wife and children. But when the house is quiet and the children are asleep, I write. Over the past year, I’ve mainly focused on fatherhood and my perception of its challenges as well as self-improvement and the psychology involved in buckling down and moving the needle on my dreams. I’m just starting to bend my trajectory towards finance writing, after it finally dawned on me that I should focus on finance related topics because it’s what I know best.

For as long as I can remember, writing in one form or another has been a hobby of mine – short stories, songs, poetry, blogging, etc.

I’m an expert researcher who knows how to find information and distill it down to comprehensible concepts.

Currently, I’m fascinated by two main topics:

  1. The continuing modernization of the financial and automotive industries and the role technology plays in increasing efficiency and automation – in manufacturing as well as in white-collar functions.
  2. Optimizing family life to get the most out of parenting two small children while working full time and pursuing individual goals.

Oh, and I also love music. When I’m not writing or sleeping, there’s always a tune in my head. I moonlight as a studio musician (in my own band, in my own private studio). I even recorded and released an EP at the end of 2018. Check it out!